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Gender perspectives in Artistic Research in Jazz/Music Dr. Jasna Jovicevic

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JAM MUSIC LAB University, Guglgasse 8, Gasometer B 1110 Wien, Austria

Herstories, new interpretations of jazz narratives, and the jazzwomen testimonies prove that there is a hidden, untold, unexplained, unsearched experience of a female jazz player. Artistic research in Jazz/Music today offers an important exploratory observation prism for a female jazz instrumentalist. Gender position is the research process in jazz practice as a performative space, where the female player attempts to understand own experience of music creation and interpretation that is different from man`s. Investigation, discovery and the articulation of female experience could influence further performativities and understanding of gendered music representations. Gender perspective in Artistic research in jazz could define the critical and theoretically positioned reflection by the female artist on music practice. Exactly this research through the art can offer the new interpretations of the traditional jazz practice, free jazz or any other music genre with the particular genre performativity. In this workshop, we will examine the possibilities of more traditional gender research in music and its incorporation into the artistic research/practice.

Jasna Jovicevic (PhD in Arts & Media) is a composer, saxophone player and artistic researcher in music focusing on phenomenology of improvised music. She investigates and experiments through transdisciplinarity of neuroscience, social and gender studies in her artistic projects. Jasna released 6 solo albums and dozen as a side-woman, participated on festivals, artist residencies, artistic research in USA, Canada, and 

Admission: Free