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IVAN DORN Creative Workshop

This event has passed.

Gasometer B, Guglgasse 8
1110 Vienna

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From performing at local festivals in his home city of Slavutych to releasing break-out solo album Co’n’dorn in 2012, Ukrainian artist Ivan Dorn forged a career with innovative ideas and strategic skill. He’s emerged as a pioneer of gender-neutral fashion and heads up his own indie label, Masterskaya.

But it’s his succession of genre-shifting singles that first marked him out as a creative and cultural maverick. And he remains ever-ready to traverse new sonic frontiers, whether he’s sampling swirling percussive rhythms or deep into experiments with stuttering lo-fi hip-hop.

Since a few months Ivan Dorn is touring across the world with his band “Dornabanda” to raise money to support Ukraine. Vienna is on the list of the tour so we couldn’t miss the chance to invite the artist to share his experience and inspire the students with his catching artistic energy.

Ivan is going to hold the workshop at JML University. He’ll speak about his inspirations and creative approach in songwriting and composition and guide through the process of creating/recording of some of his tracks.