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JAM MUSIC LAB Session w/ Christian and Christina

This event has passed.

U-Bahn Bogen 26
1080 Vienna

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On Tue, April 17th we have a very special Event at JAM MUSIC LAB SESSION!

Line Up:
Christian Amstätter-Zöchbauer - Trombone
Christina Baumfried - Trombone
Gerald Stenzl - Guitar
Joachim Huber - Bass
Johannes Rauch - Drums

Jam Music Lab Students Christian and Christina will present special arrangements of Jazz-Standards and a few other songs.
After the concert there will be a Session.

Die Jam Music Lab Studenten Christina und Christian haben Arrangements von Jazz Standards und ein paar anderen Songs vorbereitet und werden für einen wunderschönen Abend sorgen.
Im Anschluss ist die Session eröffnet!

Admission: Free Entry!