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Songwriting Workshop with JAKE SHERMAN

This event has passed.

Gasometer B, Guglgasse 8
1110 Vienna

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The American singer-songwriter and producer Jake Sherman will do a workshop for singers and all instruments at JAM MUSIC LAB University. The topics will also include songwriting and music production. The event is open to all music students.  Registration via Jamonline required.

Born in Boston, Jake Sherman learned classical piano by listening to his father play Bach every morning. If not for an intervention - stumbling upon the catalog of Weird Al Yankovic at 11 years old - he would have followed in his father’s path or perhaps become a jazz purist.  But Weird Al changed everything.   Jake started a parody band and sang his newly-written lyrics to classics like “All Star” by Smashmouth and “Men in Black” by Will Smith, along with composing new family classics such as “Amy, You’re Turning 49” and “Charles, Charles Sherman.” 

Fast forward some years beyond his time studying at Berklee College of Music and it’s clear Jake has found a way to combine his appreciation of great songwriting with his piano/organ-playing prowess.   He has become a go-to musician on recordings, and tours for artists including Meshell Ndegeocello, Bilal, Andrew Bird and Nick Hakim.  Chance the Rapper’s Grammy-winning song “No Problem” includes some of Jake’s work. 

More recently, Jake has re-tapped his well of musicality and songmaking to create his newest release, Jake Sherman Gets Sexy. The album is a journey through modern dating and relationships, with a point of view that is somehow both poignant and Weird Al-esque.

The great pianist Aaron Parks once shared a link to Jake Sherman’s song "We Will". This song and Sherman's voice fascinated me so much that I began looking for more songs and albums from him and getting more and more involved in his music. Jake Sherman embodies the modern union of singer, composer, instrumentalist, lyricist, producer and sound engineer, something that has only been possible for a few years. He possesses both the harmonic background of a good jazz musician and the instinct of the pop musician to get right down to it. So many of his masterpieces last no longer than a few minutes. I love his way of singing, straightforward story telling, elegant, relaxed and charmingly intonated. Some of his songs have found a place on my playlists which consist only of pieces of music which you never grow tired of, which you can hear over and over again, and which always create that familiar magical atmosphere in me. I am a fan. (Wolfgang Muthspiel, September 2021)




Selected videos

Maureen (from live ep)

Just The Way You Are (vocoder)

We Will (organ version)

Midnight Escapade (music video)

Georgia (live vocoder)

House show tour highlights

with Larry Goldings

with Jacob Collier



Admission: free entry for JAM & AMP Students ; external visitors register at zaunschirm(at)