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Deep Gratitude - Mary Jane's Soundgarden [Live at Vienna City Sound]

The group Mary Jane´s Soundgarden around JAM Alumna Tanja Peinsipp has dedicated themselves to groove since their formation in early 2019.

The rhythm section consisting of Michael Reitinger (b.), Lukas Klingseisen (dr.) and Lukas Schmidt (guit.) provides a foundation that spreads the vibe of the early days right away. The mixture of James Brown, P-Funk and modern Hip-Hop elements provides the space for trippy Synth-Sounds of the saxophonist Dido Aschauer. With the help of his pedalboard, he paints a new picture of modern saxophone playing.

Tanja Peinsipp completes the band as a singer. Magnitude and attraction are the only words you can think of as soon as she sings a single note. The goal of the show is to wipe away the ordinary life and let the audience forget about their struggles for once. With the vibe, groove and love we´ll dance until the last note has ended.

November 12th, 2022