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CANCELLED - Brazilian Music Workshop ERASMUS+ - Day1

This event has passed.

Gasometer B, Guglgasse 8
1110 Vienna

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Brazilian Music Workshop for singers and instrumentalists

with Claudia Marss, Saint Louis College of Music Rom
Framework ERASMUS+ (STA)

Educational objectives:

  • How to listen - Brazilian polyrhythm, distinguish rhythmic patterns indifferent music styles through guided listening. The most important authors.
  • How to sing – Brazilian vocality, pronunciation, typical brazilian sound (nasality).
  • How to perform- Sing a brazilian song in proper style.


  • Practice on phonemes to achieve the correct pronunciation and the characteristic "nasality" of brazilian portuguese, becoming able to read any brazilian lyrics using the chart with described pronunciation.
  • Brazilian music is in its essence percussive and this percussive role has been transferred to harmonic instruments, so, to be able to distinguish the various genres and understand how to be "on time" in the various styles it is necessary to understand the polyrhythm that distinguishes them.
  • Vocal practice on typical rythmic patterns for each different style: samba, bossa nova, baião, maracatú, afoxé, frevo.
  • The rhythmic roles of the various instruments in a band.
  • Choral practice of the various patterns and vocal construction of the polyrhythm in different styles.
  • Performing a brazilian song for SABT choir and/or solists.

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