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Jam Music Lab Session w/ Solisten Ensemble

This event has passed.
Add to Calendar 2018-05-23 18:00:00 2018-05-23 18:00:00 Jam Music Lab Session w/ Solisten Ensemble Loop Jam Music Lab University Europe/Vienna public

U-Bahn Bogen 26
1080 Vienna

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Looking forward to hearing the Jam Music Lab Solisten Ensemble @ Loop Wien ! 

The concert will be followed up by an open Jam session.
Bring Your Instruments!

Free Entry!
Start 20:00 Uhr

Line Up:
Sherif Abdalla - drums
Markus Dutka - bass
Daniele Zipin - piano/keys
David Pusch - guitar
Mauro Putzer - guitar
Maximilian Kereztesy - guitar
Lukas Ratzinger - vocals
Pia Bernardi - vocals

The Solisten Ensemble under the lead of Engel Mayr will perform an arranged Opus Magnus in full length without breaks!
A mix of different genres like you've never heard before!

Das Solisten Ensemble des JAM MUSIC LAB unter der Leitung von Engel Mayr gibt sich die Ehre einen durcharrangierten Opus Magnus in voller Konzertlänge ohne Pausen zu präsentieren! 
Ein Mix der unterschiedlichsten Stilrichtungen in einer noch nie dagewesenen Form, die einer Sinfonie gleicht!



A great opportunity for students to relax at the cozy place and to get to know people from the viennese music scene.

Every second week the evening starts with an opening band and is followed by the jam session afterwards.

No matter whether you are a first year student or finishing your MA program, just bring your instrument and join the open stage!

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