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Vocal phonetics and overtone singing as tools for optimizing resonance and intonation - Wolfgang Saus - Day 2

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Gasometer B, Guglgasse 8
1110 Vienna

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10:00 - 17:00


In this seminar the participants learn to control and refine their vocal sound on a completely new level. They learn how to use the enormous potential of resonance with a new method in a targeted way to generate volume in a relaxed manner and to articulate it optimally. In addition, they will learn how to use selected vowels to improve intonation and to decide whether they wish to merge homogeneously into a choral sound in an ensemble or to sound out as soloists.

A good resonance is crucial in order to minimize the danger of forcing. Until now, resonance has mainly been conveyed through visual language and subjective perception. The seminar introduces a new vocal-resonance diagram that clearly illustrates the complex relationship between pitch, vocal sound and resonance. With the help of the diagram it becomes immediately clear why some vowels do not "work" at certain tones. This knowledge can speed up the learning process enormously.

A prerequisite for this new method of vocal phonetics is the learning of so-called overtone hearing, a way of hearing that activates information from the auditory cortex of the right hemisphere of the brain. Surprisingly, overtone hearing is familiar to only a few musicians. Amazing because it can be learnt in just a few minutes and will deepen your hearing considerably. Who would like to prepare itself optimally for the seminar, can beforehand do this exciting hearing test on the website of the speaker:

The participants learn how to control the resonances with the vocal tract articulators tongue, lip opening and throat position significantly more precisely than previously. It will then even be possible to use vowels in such a targeted way that just intonation in the ensemble sound emerges completely naturally and relaxed. Ensemble singers will experience homogeneity and harmony on a new level.

Wolfgang Saus is a freelance musician, vocal teacher and vocal researcher. As an expert in overtone singing with roots in classical singing and a diploma in chemistry, he has a special way of conveying the fascination of vocal sound. The laureate of the Klühstiftung award and inventor of several patents left chemical industrial research 25 years ago to devote himself entirely to the overtones of the voice, their research and further development. He is co-developer of the sound analysis software "Overtone Analyzer" and "VoceVistaVideo", author of the reference book "Oberton Singen", founder of the European Overtone Choir and since 2015 chairman of the German Society for the Science of Singing.