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Daniel Nösig

Head of Woodwind and Brass Instruments (Education)
Artistic Major(s): Trumpet


  • Music School Feldkirchen (Carinthia, Austria): Classical training with Prof. Alois Vierbach
  • Royal Conservatory in Den Haag (NL): "Master of Music" Diploma (awarded Grade 9 with recognition for "great musical sensitivity") with Erik Vloeimanns and Ack van Rooyen, May 2000 

Work Experience

  • Big bands and large ensembles/formations: JAM "The Austrian Jazz Orchestra" lead by Erich Kleinschuster, BuJazzO lead by Peter Herbolzheimer, Big Band of the Royal Conservatory Den Haag lead by Bob Mintzer, Jim McNeely, John Ruocco, Henk Meutgeert and Jerry van Rooyen, Vienna Concert Jazz Orchester, New Cool Collective Big Band, European Jazz Youth Orchestra 2001 lead by Benjamin Herman, The Hague All Star Big Band, International Jazzproject Vancouver Canada lead by Hugh Fraser, Flip Philipp/Ed Partyka Dectet, Peter Ypma plus eleven, Upper Austrian Jazz Orchestra, Fool Cool Orchestra, Vienna Art Orchestra (Third Dream), Würzburg Jazz Orchestra, Jazz Orchester Regensburg, Oliver Kent/Uli Langthaler 7 and various others
  • Collaborations with: Eric Vloeimans, Mario Rossy, Eric van der Westen, Peter Beets, John Ruocco, Ben Monder, Jonathan Blake, Harald Neuwirth, Nicolas Thys, Lee Harper, Philip Harper, Juraj Stanik, Flip Philipp, Christian Salfellner, Erwin Schmidt, Uli Langthaler, Heinz von Hermann, Maarten van der Grinten, Adrian Mears, Wolfgang Puschnig, Christian Havel, Jake Hanna, Don Menza, Anette von Eichel, Marianne Mendt, Edek Bartz, Michael Erian, Oliver Kent, Primus Sitter, Joe Zawinul, Miles Griffith, Sam Rivers, Simone Zanchini, Vlatko Stefanovsky, Andy Scherrer, Johannes Enders, Roman Schwaller, Marko Lackner, Renato Chicco, Jose Saluzzi, Philip Catherine, Rob Bargad, Bill Evans, Randy Brecker, Mario Gonzi, Herwig Gradischnig, Michel Godard, Fritz Pauer Quintett, The European Jazz Project 2009, Andy Middleton Octet and various others 
  • Recordings for radio and TV stations in the Netherlands, Austria, England, Denmark, Canada, Columbia, Poland, Slovenia, Belgium, Germany, China, Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia, Bosnia, Kosovo
  • "Dutch Jazz Competition 2000" – Winner of the Jazz Soloists Award

Teaching & Research

  • JAM MUSIC LAB since 2012
  • Lecturer for Jazz trumpet at the Carinthian State Conservatorium, since 2011


Publications and Achievements