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Silvio Berger

Artistic Major(s): Drums


  • Music and Arts Private University of the City of Vienna, Jazz drums with Walter Grassmann

Work Experience

Regarded as one of the most renowned drummers in Austria. 
Performances and collaborations with the following: Espresso 1985-1991 (Live support band for James Brown, Level 42 and The Beach Boys), Rainhard Fendrich Band 1992-1999, Kurt Ostbahn and Kombo 1997-1999, Karl Ratzer, V.S.O.P, Rainhard Fendrich and the “Wiener Symphonikern”, Etta Scollo, Gina Charito, Chaka Khan, Phill Edwards, Alexander Göbel, Sandra Pires, Eddie Cole, Thomas Rabitsch, Georg Gabler, José Carreras, Wolfgang Ambros (sings Waits), Mojo Bluesband 2002-2005, Red Holloway, Bumi Fian, Nathalie Cole (Voestival 2002), 2005 Joe Zawinul's Charity for lost Children (also with Joe Zawinul, Kyle Eastwood, Willie Tee, Dele Sosimi, Toon Roose), Tini Kainrath, Rens Newland, Lynne Kieranne's Black Rose Quartett, Linley Marthe (Joe Zawinuls Syndicate), Robert Riegler, Harold Faltermeyer, Hubert Tubbs (Tower of Power), 100 Years Sturm Graz Festival managed by Christian Kolonvits with Klaus Meine (Scorpions), Opus and Wolfgang Ambros, Stoika and Stojka, Kris Jefferson, Raphael Wressnig, Mike Ottis, Enrico Crivellaro, Brian Templeton, Katrin Lampe, Annie Höller und Mario Berger, Valerie and various other artists

CD Publications (Discography) - Selection

Espresso, Rainhard Fendrich (live at Vienna Rathausplatz, Brüder, Recycled, Blond, Schwerelos, News special Edition), Mimi, EAV, Karl Ratzer, Christian Kolonovits,V.S.O.P., Steinbäcker, Harald Juhnke, Hubertus Hohenlohe, Kadero Rai, Uwe Kröger, Marianne Mendt, Mo, Brosis, Rens Newland-YACAZU, Valerie, José Carreras, Mojo Bluesband, Raphael Wressnig, Annie Höller and Mario Berger, Enrico Crivellaro, Tibor Barkoczy, Wr.Satz, Rondo Vienna, Katrin Lampe, Harry Stojka, Manfred Deix and the Good Vibrations Band, Musical Productions and TV-Shows: Late Night Show, Beatlemania, Csaterberg, Hotline to Heaven, Little Shop of Horror, Nix is Fix!

Teaching & Research

  • JAM MUSIC LAB since 2012
  • Seminars and Masterclasses: Wienxtra musicCamp 2004 and 2005, Drum & Bass recording workshop at the Institution for Media Composition in the University of Vienna


Publications and Achievements