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Covid-19-Update - Our Offer for the Winter Semester 20/21

Blended Learning: Study now with e-, online and distance learning & classroom courses in Vienna

The Covid-19 pandemic poses great challenges for students and educational institutions worldwide. We would like to provide equal opportunities for all students in the coming year and will therefore continue our successfully combined program of distance learning and classroom training in Vienna!

We will offer numerous courses in addition to the on-site program in various online modes. These include a sufficient number of the existing compulsory and optional subjects. Thus, all students whose mobility is limited due to Covid-19 restrictions will be given the opportunity to continue their studies in an orderly manner.

Due to the measures taken as quickly as possible in the past semester, all our students were able to successfully complete the summer semester!

We are confident that we will continue to work to the satisfaction of our students in the future and that implement the courses on our usual high level and always adapt them to the respective circumstances.

For further information and queries please contact us at any time by phone +43 1 946 68 46 or

Due to the limited mobility you can also apply online for a study place:

Authored on July 29th, 2020