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Irene Malizia & Angelo Tatone leading Workshops at Conservatorio di Musica A. Casella in L’Aquila

Workshop within the framework of ERASMUS+

Irene Malizia and Angelo Tatone are leading workshops Conservatorio di Musica A. Casella in L’Aquila. They work with students of bachelor’s and master’s programs.

Workshop 1: Improvisation. Different worlds in one word.
(Irene Malizia, Violin – Angelo Tatone, Guitar)

Workshop 2: „Colori e multiforme“; the composer, the teacher, the student.
A multidimensional collaboration in learning, teaching and composing. The musical composition as an interactive tool in music education and as an impulse for a complementary method in instrumental teaching
(Irene Malizia, Violin)

Workshop 3: (Jazz-, Pop-) Ear-Training with our instrument!
(Angelo Tatone, Guitar)

Authored on April 8th, 2019