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Ö1 Awards Another Jazz Scholarship - Master of Arts in Music

Ö1 and JAM MUSIC LAB extend the registration period for the Ö1 Jazz Scholarship. 

Due to the current situation in the context of the effects of the Corona Virus, Ö1 and JAM MUSIC LAB extend the registration period for the jazz scholarship until May 31, 2020. The presentation of the winner will take place at the Jazz Fest Vienna in July 2020.

For its third year running the Austrian radio station, Ö1, will be awarding a jazz scholarship as part of its talent exchange initiative. The recipient of the scholarship will be awarded a study place as part of a two year Master’s of Arts in Music course at the JAM MUSIC LAB Private University for Jazz and Popular Music, Vienna.

Austria is a hot spot for European jazz, with artists and groups like Joe Zawinul, Hans Koller and the Vienna Art Orchestra garnering much success in exporting Austrian jazz out into the world. Today the local jazz scene is more alive and diverse than ever and subsequent generations of music-creating artists have been developing jazz in different ways: from being a music that originated as dance music, jazz has morphed into a stylistically open music world, in which the roots in blues, swing and improvisation creatively intersect with genres and expressive art forms of the present.

Ö1 would like to give this young and promising generation of Austrian jazz musicians support in obtaining more exposure for their art. This scholarship is intended to give one of its recipients the first impetus towards the possibility of pursuing an international career.

The Ö1 Talent Scholarship sets out to support an outstanding artist who is active in contemporary jazz. They will receive a full scholarship at the JAM MUSIC LAB Private University for the Master of Arts in Music (Jazz) degree course, which spans over 4 semesters (120 ECTS credits).

Award Criteria

  • The scholarship can be awarded to Austrian citizens or people with other citizenships who have a permanent residence in Vienna for the duration of their studies.
  • Instrumentalists and vocalists at maximum age of 28 years (at the time of submission), and who have the necessary formal study prerequisites, are admitted to apply.
  • The recipient should possess a prominent spirit of innovation and originality in his/her sophisticated musical language. As interpreters, an openness and ability for outstanding musical communication and interaction should be shown. His/her music should express the exciting interrelations between style-defining tradition and composed and improvised forms of contemporary jazz.
  • Application deadline is 31st May, 2020. The awarding of the scholarship will be decided by a panel of experts consisting of members of the university and Ö1.
  • The scholarship recipient should be available for two Ö1 events (upon arrangement with Ö1).


  • Application deadline: 31th May, 2020
  • Final round (live performance given by the best applicants): between 22th - 26th June 2020 at the JAM MUSIC LAB Private University in Vienna
  • The presentation of the winner takes place during the Jazzfest Vienna (July 2020) in Vienna.

Submission Procedure - Audition

Interested parties apply by 31th May, 2020 via email at with the following documents:

  • Description or documentation of previous musical experiences and projects, as well as previous musical education. A CV and a photo of the artist (min. 300 dpi).
  • An unedited video with 2 to 3 significant musical performances of the applicant (preferably recording of a live performance, no professional image quality required, mobile phone recording sufficient).

From the entries the jury will select 10 finalists who will then be invited to the audition in June (exact date will be decided upon after consultation with all jury members).


Authored on November 29th, 2019