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Public Bachelor's & Master's Exams SS 19/20

Like every semester, Jam Music Lab University invites you to the public Bachelor/Master exams! With a last concert the talented musicians finish their studies and show off their skills in front of an audience.

The concerts will take place AT JAM and WITH AUDIENCE. The number of guests is limited to about 50 persons because of the safety distance and mouth/nose protection is mandatory. For hygienic reasons we cannot provide a buffet this time.

Free entrance!

24.06.20 / Spielraum

11:00:00 Fangmeyer Florian, BAC-BAME, guitar J/P (zkF)
12:00:00 Andraschko Dominic, BAC-BAM, guitar J/P (zkF)
13:00:00 Abdalla Sherif, BAC-BAM, percussion J/P (zkf)
14:00:00 Tong Xiaotong, MA-MAM, trumpet J/P (zkF)

25.06.20 / Spielraum

16:00:00 Tsang Yuho, BAC-BAM, vocals J/P (zkF)
17:00:00 Ressl Katharina Darya, BAC-BAME, vocals J/P (zkF)
18:00:00 Kucher Nicole, BAC-BAME, vocals J/P (zkF)

26.06.20 / Spielraum

12:00:00 Foramitti Erika, MA-MAM, Improvisation J/P (main subject)
14:00:00 Hainzer Marc, MA-MAME, Tonsatz arrangement composition J/P (zkF)

Authored on June 19th, 2020