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Workshop with Amadeus Award Winner Noa Ben-Gur

How to write the perfect Pop song?
May 18th 2017, 16.00-18.00
Spielraum, Gasometer B

Workshop info: How to write the perfect Pop song?

For the past 25 years, only 10% of all published songs have responsible for 90% of the money made from popular music- making "Hits" the driving power in the industry-
That is why the ability to write a "perfect pop song" has become more important than ever for aspiring professionals in the music business.
This workshop wishes to review the "HIT phenomenon" throughout the decades and breaks down the important factors that make a true "hit" and give the participants tools and tricks to apply in their own creative process.

This Workshop is suitable for

  • Songwriters
  • Producers /Arrangers
  • Singers / Instrumentalists
  • Label A&R
  • Music fans and curious Minds


  • Noa Ben-Gur (USA / Israel /AT)
  • Two time Amadeus Award nominated (Winner "Leya"/ Thorstein Einarsson) for Songwriter of the year.
  • A classically trained singer and composer who turned her part time passion for pop into a full time job.
  • Has worked with big acts in Austria and in Switzerland ( Thorsteinn Einarsson, Conchita Wurst, KT, Christina Klug (Lottenberger*Klug), Shana Pearson (CH) amongst many others)
  • Founder of the Funk-Rock Project "Playing Savage" to which she composed all songs and co-produced with Wanda /NinoAusWien Producer, Paul Gallister.
  • Currently working as a songwriter and producer in AT as well as coaching songwriters in AT, Israel and the US.
Authored on May 18th, 2017