Mission & Philosophy

Your music. Your future. Our mission.

The JAM MUSIC LAB Private University (JMLU) is an autonomous private music university located in Vienna.
It is a new and worldwide unique university for music forms of the 20th century and especially of the present, moving from the interface between U- and E-music into the most diverse styles of popular music forms.

Research and teaching respond to a diversely networked world and its modes of production and distribution through modern media technology. Digitization is shaping curricula both in terms of content and methodology. 

At JAM MUSIC LAB Private University, students and their employability are at the center of education. A top-class, internationally successful team of lecturers and an innovative curriculum combine teaching, practice and research. The institute promotes its students specifically along the lines of their individual talents and with a view to a successful career start.

In parallel, students are prepared for the requirements of the current market and the demand in existing professional fields by means of holistic teaching concepts in musical/artistic practice, educational and music business.

In the process of a constantly changing and developing (music) world, JMLU offers a communicative music education characterized by interdisciplinarity, in which artistic practice, theory and research are experienced and lived as a unity, and which is preceded by fundamental openness and interest towards everything new.

Individuality, internationality and innovation are central values that accompany the cooperation between students and teachers. They open up important scope for the high-quality and contemporary development of artistic practice and subject-related theoretical, but also human, competences. In this sense, diversity is not only a central motif in the design and delivery of the curriculum, but also in the composition of students, faculty and administration. JMLU welcomes individual and cultural diversity and values them as general foundations for further development in the arts, society, economy and science.

In line with this mission statement, the central guiding themes for the development of JMLU's profile and its goals in the period 2023 to 2029 are.

Digitization - Employability - Interdisciplinarity - Diversity

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