JAM MUSIC LAB Agency- Your music, Your future, Our mission

JAM MUSIC LAB University offers its students an active interface focused on working in the music business. The university also sees itself as a producer and agent for music, purely in the service of the student body. The university’s own agency, JAM MUSIC LAB Agency, offers excellent products and services in the field of music production, artistic creation and the educational activities of its best students.

Products and Services

  • Production of music for film and radio, advertising, theatre, sound design, audio branding and music for computer games
  • Live acts, individual artists, bands and orchestras (pop, rock, jazz, crossover, electronic music, etc.) for events and concerts
  • Placement of music educators. Specialisation in jazz and popular music, EMP - elementary music pedagogy, intercultural music pedagogy, improvisational pedagogy.
  • Seminars for roles in management. Your music. Your future. Our mission: Art, creative work, improvisation and originality are dealt with as universal concepts in the organisation and management of a company.

Budgets and fees are calculated according to the usual guidelines. The granting of commissions also represents the institution’s high regard in supporting young musicians on their way towards securing a successful career.

We look forward to hearing from you, be it as an individual or an company, to further discuss your wishes and and to realise them in the manner best suited to you.

Contact JAM MUSIC LAB AGENCY: Martin Zaunschirm, zaunschirm@jammusiclab.com