Academic Programs
Bachelor and Master's Degree Programs in Music, Music Production and Music Education

Bachelor and master’s degree programs (consisting of four and two years respectively) can be completed in the artistic and the music education branches, as well as in studies in media music (Music production for film, theatre, advertising and video games). Over 70 artistic and practical main subjects such as voice, guitar, piano, saxophone, trumpet, bass, drums, song writing, band performance and recording, composition, etc. are available within the framework of studies.

  • Music: Instrumental, voice, theory, composition, improvisation
  • Music Education (IGP): Instrumental, voice, theory, composition
  • Media Music: Music production for film, theatre, advertising, sound design, audio branding and computer games.

Bachelor of Arts in Music

240 ECTS

Bachelor of Arts in Music Education

Instrumental & Vocal Pedagogy

240 ECTS

Master of Arts in Music

120 ECTS

Master of Arts in Music Education

Instrumental & Vocal Pedagogy

120 ECTS

Other Programs

JAM MUSIC LAB University offers an exceptional range of courses as part of talent support programs for gifted children and adolescents, as well as for adult education.

Pre College

The targeted preparation for the regular study in 2 to 4 semesters.

Adult Education

For all music enthusiasts who want to experience the enjoyment of improving their own instrumental abilities under the guidance of music professionals.

Film Music Summer Camp

July 1 - 28, 2019, In this 4 – week Summer Camp you will be guided through the process of creating a modern Film Score.