JAMUNITY – The Alumni Association of JAM MUSIC LAB Private University

The alumni association JAMUNITY consists of students, graduates, supporters and friends of the Jam Music Lab Private University. JAMUNITY sees itself as a sustainably active community for the mutual support of its members and the university.

JAMUNITY works closely with the university-based agency JAM MUSIC LAB ARTISTS, which acts as an interface between students’ endeavours as part of their studies and in the music business. This agency offers excellent products and services in music production, artistic creation and the educational activities of the university’s most exceptional students and graduates.

Become a JAMUNITY Member

As a student or graduate of the university you get the opportunity to become a lifelong member in the alumni association JAMUNITY. You will receive the following benefits:

  • Information on current offers from JAM MUSIC LAB Artists
  • Information about current job offers outside the university: Orchestra positions, band auditions, offered teaching positions and professorships, offered positions in the cultural sector, theatres, concert halls, museums, artist agencies, publishing and broadcasting media  
  • Information about relevant competitions nationally and internationally
  • Invitation to all JAMUNITY events
  • Possibility to participate in professional activities (administration, project organisation and management) for the alumni association
  • The right to use a selection of the university’s professional advertising spots (photos, jingles) to promote your own musical projects.
  • Invitation to the annual Alumni general meeting

Registration for JAMUNITY Membership: zaunschirm[at]

Become a Member of the JAMUNITY Donors Club  (Supporters of the University)

As a member of JAMUNITY Donors Club you support the expansion of the university and its students on the international scene and the further promotion of excellence in the fields of practice, teaching and research by a financial donation. You will receive:

  • Invitation to concert events, workshops, symposia and university events, as well as the possibility to participate as an honorary guest
  • Information on outstanding artistic and scientific achievements of the university 
  • The right to use a selection of the university’s professional advertising spots (photos, jingles) to promote your own projects.
  • Invitation to the annual Alumni General Meeting
  • Name mentioned on the JAMUNITY homepage, if desired, including a brief description of the donor/donors

Registration for JAMUNITY Donors Club: zaunschirm[at]