We are extremely pleased that you are interested in pursuing a degree course at the JAM MUSIC LAB Private University for Jazz and Popular Music Vienna, and with your subsequent registration for the entrance examination.

Current audition dates (for fall/winter term 2018/19)

Oct 1st - Oct 5th, 2018 audition dates

Entrance Examination – Bachelor’s Degree

As part of the entrance examination, you are given a platform through which you can present the extent of your musical abilities and your qualifications in various musical genres. As part of the audition we find it very important to take the opportunity to get to know the applicants as best as possible. As an institute for jazz and popular music, we are particularly interested in recognising your individual and stylistic strengths, that will in turn enable you to follow a professional career in music, be it as a performer, teacher, composer or producer.

Detailed information about application requirements for Bachelor Studies

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Entrance Examination - Master’s Degree

The aim of the master’s degree program is to provide graduates with outstanding levels of artistic, pedagogical, scientific, social and communicative competence, thus offering the best possible qualifications in the diverse professional fields that are open to musicians, music educators, music makers and producers. Graduates will also have the necessary prerequisites and skills for organisational, advisory and executive/managerial activities in the cultural and media sectors (concert venues, theatres, museums, artists' agencies, publishers, radio, etc.).

Detailed information about application requirements for Master Studies

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