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Master's Ensemble with Peter Erskine

Students of JAM MUSIC LAB, MUK & IPOP had the honor to work with legendary drummer Peter Erskine for one semesters. The band was led by JAM lecturer Danny Grissett onsite and Peter Erskine taught the musicians live via Zoom. We celebrate this unique collaboration with a final concert at Jazzclub ZWE.

Line-Up: Renata Tazetdinova - voice JAM Constanze Friedel - violin JAM Arthur Nikolay - vibraphone JAM Matthias Leichtfried - guitar JAM Jakob Stain - piano JAM Thatiana Gomes - acoustic bass Timm Reinhardt - drums JAM Jordi Roviro - trumpet MUK Jonas Friesel - trumpet MUK Anna Keller - alto sax, flute IPOP

July 19th, 2021