Faculties & Institutes

The studies at JAM MUSIC LAB Private University are divided into two faculties:

Faculty of Music

  • Bachelor Program Music
  • Master Program Music

Dean: Michael Kahr

Dean of Studies: Roland Freisitzer

Faculty of Music Education

  • Bachelor Program Music Education
  • Master Program Music Education

Dean: Johannes Steiner

Dean of Studies: Miroslav Mirosavljev

Fields of studies & Central Artistic Major (cam)

The courses of study offered can be followed through with various central artistic subjects. They are grouped into branches of study and are taught at the institutes of the same name in the respective degree program.

Fields of studies

1) The central artistic major Choir and Ensemble Conducting can only be chosen in the Master's Program in Music or Master's Program in Music Education/IGP.


Heads of Institutes

Bachelor’s Degree Program Music

Bachelor’s Degree Program Music Education

Master’s Degree Program 

Study and Research Commission

The study and research commissions advise and develop proposals, e.g. for changes to existing curricula. They amend and adopt the examination manual with provisions on the study and examination regulations. They are responsible for ensuring compliance with the examination regulations and make final decisions on complaints. Proposals regarding the research concept are also made by the study commissions. You can contact the study and research commission responsible for you via the respective chairperson.

  • Bachelor's Degree Program Music - Chair: Oliver Graber
  • Bachelor's Degree Program Music Education - Chair: Monika Herzig
  • Master's Degree Program faculty comprehensive - Chair: Marcus Ratka