Special Interest Groups

University Representation

All matters of representation work at the individual universities are handled by the local university representation of the respective universities, universities of applied sciences, universities of education and private universities.

It represents your concerns to JMLU. It negotiates with the rectorate and sends student representatives to the highest university body, the senate. There, it participates in various university design processes, such as the design of the curricula.

At JAM Music Lab Private University for Jazz and Popular Music Vienna, the following chairmanship team was elected on June 10, 2021:

  • Vorsitzender: Sebastian Weidlinger
  • 1. Stellvertreterin: Ursula Erhart
  • 2. Stellvertreterin: Johanna Hentrich-Paul

As of July 1, 2021, these persons will act as student representatives resp. as representatives of the collegiate body of the JAM Music Lab Private University.

Please contact them under hochschulvertretung[at]jammusiclab.com

Commission for Diversity, Equity and Gender

The Senate of JMLU is setting up the Commission for Diversity, Equity and Gender and is electing its members: two representatives from the teaching staff and one representative from the administration staff; two members of the student body who are appointed by the Students’ Union. At least 50% of the commission’s members must be women.

The task of the commission is to combat discrimination based on on the basis of gender, disability, ethnicity, religion or belief, age or sexual orientation, religion or belief, age or sexual orientation, and to advise the members and bodies of the university in these matters. Furthermore, the commission shall develop plans to make visible and promote diversity at the university. 

Contact: diversity[at]jammusiclab.com

Please contact them under hochschulvertretung[at]jammusiclab.com

"Ombudsstelle" (Ombudsperson's office)

The ombudsperson's office is a confidential point of contact especially for the topics of harassment, bullying, discrimination or interpersonal conflicts or if problems could not have been solved by consulting other offices resp. representatives.

Please feel free to contact our ombudsperson's office in case of any problems or conflicts. All representatives will be happy to help:

  • Ombudsperson 
    Peter Gabis (Tutor), gabis[at]jammusiclab.com
  • Deputy Ombudsperson
    Dr. Constanze Müller (Chief Administration Officer), constanze.mueller[at]jammusiclab.com, +43 1 375 2020 -10
  • Women's Representative
    Monika Ciernia Sorondo (Tutor, Dean of Studies, Head of Wind instruments / Music), ciernia[at]jammusiclab.com, +43 1 375 2020 – 23
  • Confidant for disabled persons
    Claudia Randles, International Office & Student Services, claudia.randles[at]jammusiclab.com, +43 1 375 2020 - 18