Special Interest Groups

Student Representatives

The student representatives are elected according to the regulations set by the Austrian Students’ Union and the in current version of the Student Union Act. The tasks, responsibilities, and competencies of the student representatives are regulated in accordance with the relevant statutory provisions. They are required to act in the interests of  everyone in the student body of JMLU, especially in dealing with governing bodies and committees.

Contact: studierendenvertretung@jammusiclab.com

ÖH Election May 18-20, 2021

Please find all relevant information regarding the ÖH election 2021 in the PDF links:




Commission for Diversity, Equity and Gender

The Senate of JMLU is setting up the Commission for Diversity, Equity and Gender and is electing its members: two representatives from the teaching staff and one representative from the administration staff; two members of the student body who are appointed by the Students’ Union. At least 50% of the commission’s members must be women.

The task of the commission is to combat discrimination based on on the basis of gender, disability, ethnicity, religion or belief, age or sexual orientation, religion or belief, age or sexual orientation, and to advise the members and bodies of the university in these matters. Furthermore, the commission shall develop plans to make visible and promote diversity at the university. 

Contact: office@jammusiclab.com