Outgoing Staff - Mobility for Teachers and Administrative Staff


The exchange programme offers faculty members the opportunity to present their artistic and pedagogic expertise at other institutions abroad, as well as affording them the opportunity to expand personal networks and their own horizons. It can serve to strengthen partnerships between institutions and initiate future projects. Personnel mobility can also be used for training.

The ERASMUS + funding rates depend on several factors. Not only the distance from the host country, also whether it is a program country or a partner country has an impact on the amount of funding.


  1. A detailed description of the planned project (workshop, lecture, training). Please state content / purpose, teaching format, teaching duration, desired dates.
  2. Curriculum Vitae

Funding approval is based on JML PU internal and ERASMUS + relevant criteria (first-time Erasmus+ mobility, duration of stay, compliance with the strategic orientation of JML PU).

Contact: international@jammusiclab.com