Outgoing Student


Welcome to Europe!

Students of the  JML PU can apply for a one to two semester stay abroad as part of the ERASMUS + program, provided they have a positive academic record. In addition to a financial grant, the program enables you to be admitted to a partner institution without an additional entrance examination. All previously agreed courses completed at the host institution will be accredited, so that you can continue studying without delay after your return.

An overview of the rights and obligations for students who study at a partner institution or want to do an internship abroad can be found in the Student Erasmus Charter.

Please inform yourself about the institutions you can apply to.

In case you want to study at an institution that is not our partner, please contact the JML PU International Office before the application deadline.


1. At least 2 successfully completed semesters at JML PU.

2. Completed "Erasmus Student Application Form OUTGOING" form including links to 3 recordings of your audition repertoire (audio / video files in common format).

3. Fill in a Learning Agreement for STUDY / Learning Agreement for Traineeship

Study abroad: Students have to apply directly to the JML PU International Office. Students are then selected by the JML PU International Office and nominated at the partner university.

Internship abroad: Students apply directly for the internship, which needs to be at least 2 months. The application form and the learning agreement will still be sent to the JML PU International Office in order to apply for Erasmus + funding.

Financial information:

Successful applicants will receive a monthly ERASMUS + grant. Recipients of an Austrian study grant are eligible for Erasmus+ top up payments.

No tuition fees have to be paid at the host university. Outgoing Students remain enrolled at JML PU and pay tuition fees to the home university.

Deadline for internships abroad: none

Deadline for applications for study abroad:

for the summer semester: October 15th

for the winter semester: March 1st

Contact: international@jammusiclab.com