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Arts for Health: International Online Seminar

This event has passed.

Arts for Health is a global movement that has opened up a rapidly growing international research and professional area for musicians, dancers, artists, as well as medical experts. Learn from top-experts in the field • ARTS & HEALTH (Veronica Franklin Gould, London) • MUSIC & BRAIN (Oliver Peter Graber, Vienna) • AI, MUSIC & HEALTH (Rafael Ramirez Melendez, Barcelona) • SOUND BRANDING & HEALTH (John Groves, Hamburg)

VERONICA FRANKLIN GOULD founded Arts 4 Dementia to develop participatory workshops at cultural venues for people with early dementia. Since her inaugural A4D Reawakening the Mind programme (London 2012 Inspire Mark and Positive Breakthrough in Mental Health Dementia Award 2013), Veronica has worked with leaders in arts, dementia and social prescribing to advance strategy and showcase best practice, notably, A.R.T.S. for Brain Health: Social Prescribing as Peri-Diagnostic Practice for Dementia . Her Global Social Prescribing: The A4D Arts for Brain Health webinars engage speakers and delegates from around the world. Veronica is trustee of The Amber Trust and Vice-President of Decibels on the advisory boards of Global Arts in Medicine Fellowships and British Society of Lifestyle Medicine.

Oliver Peter Graber is the head of the "Research Institute for Music Medicine with a special focus on Arts for Health" at the JAM MUSIC LAB Private University Vienna and the deputy chair of "ARTS for HEALTH AUSTRIA". He is a composer, pianist, dramaturge, and researcher in the field of neuro-music theory.

Rafael Ramirez Melendez is Tenured Associate Professor and Leader of the Music and Machine Learning Lab at the Department of Information and Communication Technologies, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. His current research interests include music technology, music therapy, artificial intelligence, neuroscience and their application to music learning, health and well-being.

John Groves is a composer, music producer and one of the world’s leading experts in the field of music in advertising, sound-branding and psychoacoustics. John is also the founder of „sonictonic“ – an innovative app for receptive sound therapy including special applications for dementia.



Friday, 17. 05. 2024, 18.00-19.30 (CET) – Veronica Franklin Gould „Arts & Health“

Friday, 17. 05. 2024, 19.30-21.00 (CET) – Oliver Peter Graber "Functional Music & Health”

Saturday, 18. 05. 2024, 10.00-11.30 (CET) – Rafael Ramirez Melendez „Music and AI for Health & Wellbeing“

Saturday, 18. 05. 2024, 11.30-13.00 (CET) – John Groves "Sound Branding and Health"