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Bela Fleck plays at Konzerthaus - get your cheaper JMLU tickets

This event has passed.

Native New Yorker Belá Fleck, a distinguished banjo player and proud recipient of 15 Grammy Awards, is widely recognized as an exceptional exponent of his instrument in today's music scene. His ceaseless curiosity allows him to effortlessly blend various music genres such as Bluegrass, classical, jazz, pop, rock, and world music, resulting in the creation of impressive and diverse musical compositions.

On February 18th at 6PM this legend will play at Wiener Konzerthaus. As part of our cooperation with Konzerthaus JAM MUSIC LAB can proudly announce that we can offer you tickets for 15,- EUR. Just send us an email to and we will send you the discount code. This tickets are only for students and teachers of JAM and GULDA and interns! They must not be shared with others.

(c) Alan Messer

Admission: 15 EUR,-