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JAM MUSIC LAB - Master's Ensemble at ZWE

This event has passed.

Flossgasse 4
1020 Vienna

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Students of JAM MUSIC LAB, MUK & IPOP had the honor to work with legendary drummer Peter Erskine for 1 semesters. The band was led by JAM lecturer Danny Grissett onsite and Peter Erskine taught the musicians live via Zoom. We celebrate this unique collaboration with a final concert at Jazzclub ZWE.


Renata Tazetdinova - voice JAM
Constanze Friedel - violin JAM
Arthur Nikolay - vibraphone JAM
Matthias Leichtfried - guitar JAM
Jakob Stain - piano JAM
Thatiana Gomes - acoustic bass 
Timm Reinhardt - drums JAM
Jordi Roviro - trumpet MUK
Jonas Friesel - trumpet MUK
Anna Keller - alto sax, flute IPOP

Admission: only pre-registration to zaunschirm(at) or watch the event online via Youtube