New study and training offer "Arts for Health"

With the one-semester course "ARTS FOR HEALTH", which will be offered at JAM MUSIC LAB Private University for Jazz and Popular Music in Vienna from spring term 2023 (start: April 1), there is the possibility of a corresponding university education or further training. This is the first time in Austria!

The program is primarily aimed at musicians, dancers and artists as well as students in these fields who want to create sustainable professional perspectives in the field of Arts for Health or those who are already active in this sector.

In the same way, the program is open to doctors, therapists and nurses as well as students in these fields who (want to) use music in their daily work, or who need know-how regarding the connections between music and physiology in general.

Content of courses:

  • Arts for Health - 2h
  • Music Body Facts - 1h
  • Interdisziplinarity in art - 1h
  • Journal Club - 1h
  • Specialization module: Fundamentals of med. & therapeutic acting - VO 1h or Fundamentals of Artistic Design - VO 1h
  • Specialization Module: Fundamentals of med. & therapeutic acting - PR 2h or Fundamentals of Artistic Design - PR 2h
  • Selected topics of psychology - 2h
  • Mindfulness - 1h

In addition, so-called "Micro Credentials" (one weekend each) on the following topics are also planned starting April, 2023:

  • Arts for Health
  • fNIRS - functional imaging at the instrument/in the concert hall
  • Interdisciplinarity in the arts/neuromusic theory

Starting in the winter semester 2023/24, "Arts for Health" will be offered as a two-semester course. ECTS credits already achieved from the course in the summer semester will be credited here.

Among the lecturers of the curriculum, which comprises a total of 24 semester hours per week (representing appropriate ECTS), are numerous prominent names from the field of music and medicine, including three board members of the ARTS for HEALTH AUSTRIA association as well as members of the Medical University of Vienna and the IMC FH Krems.

Please find the curriculum here as well as further information on the course here.

The Research Institute for Music Medicine is directed by DDr. Oliver Peter Graber (music) and Dr. Klaus-Felix Laczika (medicine) and focuses on research in "Dementia and Keyboard Instruments" (in the sense of prevention), "Voice and Long Covid/COPD/Asthma/Hoarseness" (in the sense of university continuation and support of our program "Aufatmen – Singing with Long Covid) and in the field of functional composition for clinical use.

The cost of the one-semester certificate course is Euro 980.- in total.

For further information and enrolment please write to artsforhealth[at]

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