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Arts Management
Bachelor of Arts

The 6-semester bachelor's program "Arts Management" at JMLU is a new, innovative program based in Vienna that focuses on Arts Management in its many forms of application in the fields of Music, Performing Arts and Fine Arts.

Innovative Arts Management

The program is designed for individuals interested in creative, innovative and sustainable cultural and arts management. Graduates are able to master complex challenges of the global cultural business, including economical, legal and cultural-scientific aspects, and to sustainably develop the market through profound interdisciplinary knowledge. This interdisciplinary orientation of the program enables students to deepen their knowledge of various aspects of cultural management and to combine them with other fields of study.

Practical Training

The program provides substantial expertise in the relevant sectors of cultural management and cultural topics. With a focus on close practical links through compulsory internships, excursions as well as a central study subject with practical relevance, students are involved in practice-oriented fields of operations from the very beginning. Through international guest lecturers and cooperations, the program is connected to leading cultural institutions worldwide and promotes one of the most important goals of the JMLU: employability.

Research & Artistic Research

Students develop artistic-scientific qualifications that enable them to reflect on the latest developments in the theoretical study of art and to act on them accordingly. Thus, in addition to artistic research, the focus is also on the development and exploration of innovative cultural management concepts.

Course Structure and Modules

The program has a standard duration of 6 semesters. Courses and examinations totaling 180 ECTS points must be completed, which are divided into the following compulsory modules:

Module 1: Arts Management Practises
Module 2: Cultural Fundamentals and Aesthetics
Module 3: Business and Law
Module 4: Applied Arts Management
Module 5: Communication
Module 6: Field Excursions
Module 7: Development and Research
Module 8: Softskills and Diversity
Module 9: Examinations

Start of the program in summer semester 2024.

Tuition fees per semester

Bachelor of Arts: € 4.659,85

Non-EU citizens
Bachelor of Arts: € 8.135,39

Please also check out our scholarships here.

Bachelor examination fee
€ 350

Application fee: €50


  • Study Program: Bachelor’s Degree
  • Duration: 6 Semesters
  • Workload: 180 ECTS
  • Degree - Academic title: Bachelor of Arts (BA)


Prerequisites: You will soon find information on the admission exam as well as on the proof of sufficient English language skills here.