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Getting into JAZZ for persian attendees #2: A comprehensive course for aspiring jazz musicians


You can download the complete text in Persian here : DOWNLOAD INFORMATION Getting into JAZZ

One of the significant challenges faced by prospective jazz students is often a lack of in-depth knowledge about the stylistic fundamentals of jazz. These fundamentals, however, are critical to comprehend and grow within the realm of jazz music. To address this need, we have designed an online semester-long certificate course named "Getting Into Jazz and Its Fundamentals". This course takes place for the second time- Currently, we're offering this course exclusively to our Iranian followers, who make up the second-largest audience on our social media platforms. As a result, the course will be taught in Persian.

This course aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of various academic topics crucial for their success in the field. We will cover theoretical foundations and stylistic analysis, which will enable students to develop a deeper understanding of the principles that underpin the work of jazz musicians. In addition, we will explore the role of rhythm in jazz and provide students with the tools they need to analyze and create rhythmic patterns. Our course also emphasizes ear training, which is essential for any successful jazz musician. With a focus on developing a well-rounded education, we aim to ensure that our students are fully prepared to excel in their careers.

Although such a course typically has a higher fee, we have decided to offer it to our Iranian followers for only the administrative cost. This is a unique opportunity to delve into jazz fundamentals at a significantly reduced cost, as a part of our commitment to nurturing our global jazz community. Don't miss out!

Lecturer: Bamdad Khoshghadami, MA

Course Duration: 12 hours

Course Schedule: Commences on 27th of September 2024, and continues on subsequent Fridays.

Course Format: Online

Administrative Fee: €250 (payable upon registration) Important: The name of the participant has to be in the payment reference.

Enrollment: Open to all, but limited to the first 25 registrants.

Certificate Issuance: Upon successful completion of the final exam and all topic assignments, participants will receive the corresponding university certificates.

Course Language: Persian

Course Content:

Each subsequent topic will be covered both theoretically and audibly:

  • Understanding Jazz Chord Symbols
  • “Swing”: Ternary Subdivisions at the Eighth Note Level (or at the Sixteenth Note Level)
  • “Swing” as a Rhythmic Feeling:
    Phenomenal Emphasis on Beats 2 and 4
    The Role of Syncopation as a Stylistic Element in Swing
    Delayed Attack
    The Pulse-Giving Role of Rhythm Section in Highlighting Syncopation
    Basics of Jazz Articulation
  • A Brief Introduction to Chord Extensions and their Relationship with the Concept of Chord Scale.
  • Understanding Form in Jazz:
    The AABA Form (32 Bars)
    Rhythm Changes
    12 Bar Blues
    Call & Response
    Break and Fill
  • What are Blue Notes?
  • What is a Lead Sheet and How Do Jazz Musicians Interpret It?
  • An Introduction to Melodic Structure in Jazz
  • The Significant Role of Improvisation in Jazz
  • etc.


Once you payed the fee, you are registered for the course.

Via E-Mail (containing the subject "Getting into Jazz 2024"):

Important: The name of the participant has to be in the payment reference.

Transfer the course fee to:

Oberbank AG
IBAN: AT19 1500 0002 0129 8049

or via paypal:

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