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Jazz Workshop – Geoff Warren

This event has passed.

Gasometer B, Guglgasse 8
1110 Vienna

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Approaches to improvisation in ensemble playing. Workshop for all instruments.

This workshop is designed to develop improvisatory skills and creative interplay through a
multidirectional approach to new material.
It is intended to explore material from all angles, opening up the maximum interpretive and creative
possibilities from the compositions.

Geoff Warren is a British jazz performer and composer. He has conducted the BBC Radio Jazz
Orchestra and is currently Professor of Jazz Flute at Ferrara Conservatoire

Session One 11.00- 13.00
Confronting the material. First read through.
Material: Three original pieces created for jazz ensemble, with generic parts (abbreviated score) to
be given to all musicians, leaving them free to adapt their contribution to their own personality, and
the musical context in real time.
Examination of possibilities. Activities expanding sections of the pieces in different ways.
“Levels” of Improvisation: as protagonist or in a supporting role, - solo and group improvisation.
Development of personal melodic and rhythmic creativity.

Session Two 13.30 (?) – 15.00
Rehearsal and perfection of material, discussion of merits of differing approaches .
Further experimentation.
Final rehearsal and performance.