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Ceremonial opening of C. Bechstein Centrum Wien

On November 16th the new C. Bechstein Centrum will open at Naschmarkt. Elisabeth Leonskaja, Paul Gulda, and Sunny Ritter will be playing at the opening. The weekly musician brunch is going to be the new highlight at this location.

170 years after its founding C. Bechstein finally settles its portfolio in Vienna. The C. Bechstein Centrum Wien (Linke Wienzeile 4, 1060 Wien) invites visitors to experience the unique sounds and atmosphere at one place.

Big opening at Wiener Naschmarkt

On November 16th the ceremonial opening will take place. The event at Centrum Wien will start at 6 PM. It is supported by three generations of great pianists: Elisabeth Leonskaja, Paul Gulda, and Sunny Ritter. Charity organization “Jugend eine Welt” is also represented as a partner of the opening.  Ambassador Chris Lohner will guide the guests through the event.

Ideal room acoustics

The whole complex has more than 300 square metres and represents a many-sided portfolio. From beginner pianos to concert grand, you can find a wide range of instruments. These are made by C. Bechstein, W. Hoffmann und Zimmermann. The sound at the centre is emphasised by the ideal room acoustics.

Brunch for young talents

A special highlight of the C. Bechstein Center will be the weekly brunch. Young talents from Vienna's three music universities JAM MUSIC LAB - Private University for Jazz and Popular Music Vienna, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, and the Music and Art Private University Vienna will perform there. As a partner for this series of events, Jugend ein Welt will host these events. The proceeds from the brunches are divided equally between the musicians and the aid organization.

About C. Bechstein

C. Bechstein Pianoforte AG is the largest manufacturer of pianos and grand pianos in Europe. The company, founded by Carl Bechstein on October 1, 1853 in Berlin, is celebrating its 170th anniversary this year. Over 700 employees work in the Berlin headquarters, in the two factories in the Czech Republic and Germany and in the 18 C. Bechstein Centers worldwide. With the opening of the new C. Bechstein Center on Naschmarkt, the company is expanding its activities in Vienna.

Authored on November 13th, 2023