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China meets Austria - JAM at "Wir sind Wien Festival"

The "Wir sind Wien Festival" has been held for 14 years now, this time with the participation of students from JAM MUSIC LAB University, every year in June at various locations in Vienna.

"China meets Austria" in the Danube Park on June 22 presented the audience Chinese soloists, artistic groups and the Chinese students living in Vienna with versatile music and theater art. The line-up of the event included Chinese lion dance, Chinese magic of face change from Sichuan opera, traditional instruments such as horse head fiddle (Erhu) with "Horse Race", the pipa solo "Yi Dance", the guzheng solo "Fishing Boat Singing at Night", the Chinese folk dance "Dunhuang Flying Sky", the "Legend of the White Lady ", the chorus of "Jasmine Flower" and "China in the Light". Students from JAM MUSIC LAB Private University for Jazz & Popular Music Vienna, Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien (MUK) and Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien also contributed with Chinese and classical music works and choral singing.

Authored on July 4th, 2022