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Lecture with Larry Appelbaum - Discovering the Monk-Coltrane Tapes

June, 10th, 2017, 12.00-14.30
JAM MUSIC LAB University. 
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Symposium on the topic: 100 Years of Thelonious Monk

Discovering the Monk-Coltrane Tapes
For the centenary of pianist, composer Thelonious Monk, Library of Congress Jazz Specialist Larry Appelbaum will talk about how he discovered the iconic 1957 Carnegie Hall concert tapes of Monk's Quartet with John Coltrane at Carnegie Hall, finally released 48 years later by Blue Note Records in 2005.

Larry Appelbaum explains (Jazz Times):
“In 1963 the Library of Congress acquired approximately 50,000 tapes and discs of cultural programming, including jazz, from the Voice of America. In recent years, the Library has embarked on a project to systematically process, catalog and digitally preserve this collection. As the supervisor of the Library’s Magnetic Recording Laboratory, I was thumbing through some tapes awaiting digitization in early 2005 when I noticed eight 10-inch acetate reels of tape labeled ‘Carnegie Hall Jazz 1957.’ I examined the reels and noticed one of the tape boxes had a hand-written note on the back that said ‘T. Monk’ with some song titles. When we played the tape I recognized the sound of John Coltrane playing tenor saxophone with Monk’s quartet and my heart started racing. The identification of the players was confirmed when I heard Willis Conover’s M.C. announcements on the tapes.”

Lecture with Larry AppelbaumLarry Appelbaum is a Senior Music Reference Specialist in the Music Division at the Library of Congress. As the former Supervisor of the Library’s Magnetic Recording Laboratory, he discovered the Thelonious Monk-John Coltrane Carnegie Hall tapes and transferred, edited and mastered many classical, jazz and folk recordings for commercial release. As a critic, he is a contributor to the books Jazz: The First Century (2000), The Encyclopedia of Radio (2003), and Jazz: The Smithsonian Anthology (2011). He writes regularly for JazzTimes and other magazines and websites around the world, curates a jazz film series, and is a long time radio host on WPFW-FM in Washington D.C.

Authored on May 18th, 2017