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New study and training program: DIGITAL ARTS FOR HEALTH 

With the one-semester certificate course "DIGITAL ARTS FOR HEALTH", which will be offered at the JAM MUSIC LAB Private University in Vienna from October of this year, there is for the first time in Austria but also abroad the possibility of a corresponding education and further training linked to a university institution. 
The program is primarily aimed in equal parts at musicians, dancers, artists and music-therapists, medical experts as well as technicians/IT-experts or students in these fields who want to create sustainable professional perspectives in the field of Digital Arts for Health or those who are already active in this sector. The course covers all areas essential for the practice of the profession including international best of practice examples in the field Arts for Health, eICU, eHealth, Telemedicine, stratified medicine and personalized music medicine, Serious Gamification, selection and development of musical content for medical and therapeutical apps, development of corresponding apps, ethics of AI, machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) and Music Geragogy.

Particularly characteristic of "Arts for Health" are the direct and immediate cooperation of artists with those affected, the preventive approach ("act early" - for example, before the onset of dementia) and out-of-hospital areas of application. This distinguishes Arts for Health from music therapy, which has been legally regulated in Austria since 2009, as well as from music medicine in the classical sense.
Among the lecturers of the curriculum, which comprises a total of 12 semester hours per week (with corresponding ECTS credits), are numerous prominent names from the fields of music, dance, technology and medicine, including members of the board of the Association ARTS for HEALTH AUSTRIA as well as members of the Medical University of Vienna and TU Wien. 
The cost for participation in SS 2023 is 980.- Euro, the lessons will take place in the vast majority online as well as blocked.
For further questions about the dates and registration please contact 

Authored on March 13th, 2023