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Planet Festival Tour: Participate at Austria's biggest live music contest

After the performance is before the performance. The finale of the Planet Festival Tour 2024 is over. But how do you make it to the last round? What steps need to be taken beforehand? What essential role does the JAM MUSIC LAB Private University play in this? In this report, we provide the answers.

Up until June 30th, musicians of all genres and in any type of ensemble can register for Austria's biggest live music contest. The path to the finale in brief: First, survive the qualifying rounds held across Austria, then deliver in the playoffs (January and February of the following year), and finally, impress with the other finalists in May at the fully packed Gasometer. There, valuable prizes await everyone. In the 2023 and 2024 seasons, JAM MUSIC LAB Private University awarded a full scholarship for a Bachelor's degree (worth 37.280 EUR) to a promising talent who made it to the finale. The current prize winner is drummer David Osmanaj from the band ELECTRIC LIMBS. His adventure with us starts in the winter semester 2024/25.

The process in each round is structured similarly: The artists perform a 25-minute concert. The program must predominantly consist of their own songs. They compete for the favor of the audience and a professional jury. JAM MUSIC LAB Private University is, of course, a part of the jury team. The points from the jury and the audience each account for 50% of the total score. This score is determined after the last act. The best performers in each round move on to the next.

Anyone who wants to participate can find the qualifying dates for participants from Vienna and Lower Austria here. They will take place at the ((szene)) Wien on:

Fri, 13.09.2024
Sat, 14.09.2024
Fri, 20.09.2024
Fri, 27.09.2024
Sat, 05.10.2024
Sat, 12.10.2024

All other dates and details for registration can be found at

Aufmacher: (c) Clarissa Sopper

Authored on May 23rd, 2024