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Study Bachelor or Master in Jazz/Pop Online and On-site!

Vienna created the greatest names in music. JAM wants to add you!

Through the power of Blended Learning, JAM MUSIC LAB UNIVERSITY brings Vienna to you - a city flowing with the lifeblood of the world’s music. JAM offers Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Music and Music Education.

In a post-Covid world, the new “normal” inspires us to develop innovative methods of E- and Distance Learning. This is an exciting time. We now offer alternative opportunities for music students.

Lectures and seminars in theory, music history and research are now available online. And, beginning in the Summer of 2021, practical  activities too - including, but not limited to ensemble play and improvisation - will be offered in condensed, on-site courses.

Blended Learning is a model of progressive education tailored to the needs and interests of music career students. It is a major expansion of JAM'S existing paradigm, covering both on-site and online study, classroom courses and distance learning. JAM is a shapeshifter.

This modernization of music includes new modes of study, expanding creativity, opportunities for self-development. Stated simply, this is JAM. JAM is a proven leader, offering advanced study in Jazz and Pop, framed within the historical traditions of Vienna. Long renowned as the birthplace of classical music, Vienna continues to serve as a music incubator, now with a contemporary twist. Whereas the great composers Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert never had access to digital formats and electronic platforms, JAM does. And it offers that access to students with special interests in music.

Virtual classrooms utilize the best of all worlds - group interaction and individual instruction, ensemble play and one-on-one engagement. Moreover, JAM sits within a concentrated educational network. It enjoys full cooperation with fellow music universities. The interplay among these institutions increases the opportunities for higher learning.

Vienna’s riches are a keystroke away. Through JAM, students can access libraries, materials and vast resources to further their professional goals. Whether those goals include making music, or teaching it, or investigating new paths for research and analysis, JAM’s mission is to foster your future. To help find your role in the world of music.

Study YOUR Music now – WHEREVER you are!

Use our Blended Learning program and study online & on-site to get your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Jazz/Pop music or music education.

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Player. Composer. Arranger. Producer. Researcher. Teacher.

JAM is a center for self-empowerment. It is a guiding light in Vienna, proving that music study is about ideas, and fulfillment, and tapping one’s personal potential beyond any classroom curriculum. This is the power of JAM, where students are asked to define themselves, to makes choices, to discover areas of study unique to their interests. JAM encourages that process.

Entering the on-site and virtual worlds of JAM permits students to experience Vienna. To be touched by centuries of music and to create music for the future. To speak a special language.

JAM will help you learn that language. It is universal. It was first spoken in Vienna, but now it is heard around the world. JAM speaks to those who speak music.

Is it even possible to study music remotely?

Find out what our student Seva tells you about his online studies:

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Authored on November 18th, 2020