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Vienna Calling: Study your music in Jazz, Pop and Rock, Blues, Latin, Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, Electronic, World Music, song writing, music education, film music and music production.

JAM MUSIC LAB University offers all the usual studies that you might expect to be in a bachelor or master’s degree in jazz and popular music: the classic choices such as voice, guitar, bass, drums, music theory and composition are represented. However, it doesn’t end there as our wide range of courses also includes violin, accordion, harmonica, songwriting, film music, music production for videos games, the list goes on. The styles that you can study range from jazz, pop, rock, blues, R & B, hip hop, alternative, world music to more specialised styles such as heavy metal, electronic music and even more experimental forms in creating music. Just keep the following in mind: if you have the talent, the passion and the motivation to work professionally, be it as a musician, producer and/or educator; if you are ready and willing to invest time and energy in pursuing an artistically sophisticated and research-relevant education in music within the framework of bachelor or master studies, then JAM MUSIC LAB University has got to be the right choice for you.

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Master of Arts in Music Education

Choir and Ensemble Conducting