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Aneel Soomary

Artistic Major(s): Trumpet


  • Studied trumpet with George Reynolds (London Symphony Orchestra) as well as at the Colchester Institute – state examination (B.A.hons. in Music)
  • Aneel Soomary also studied with the Essex Youth Orchestra with tutors including Denis Wick, Eric Crees and Paul Cosh (A.R.C.M.perf.)

Working Experience

  • Has been living in Vienna since 1995 and is one of the leading trumpeters in the live performance and studio scenes. 
  • References – Jazz: Vienna Art Orchestra, Ray Charles, Joe Zawinul, Bob Brookmeyer and various others
  • References – Classical Orchestra, Brass Ensembles, Modern Music: Opernhaus Zürich, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Klangforum Wien, Pro Brass, Otto Sauter and various others

Teaching & Research

  • JAM MUSIC LAB since 2011
  • Gustav Mahler Conservatory Vienna 


Publications and Achievements