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Artificial Intelligence in Music

On May 13, 2023, the Austrian Composers Day took place at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. The thematic focus was "Artificial Intelligence in Music". What is meant by "artificial intelligence", will it revolutionize the world of music, what does AI mean for copyright and musicians? Who needs music from a computer? And can a machine in principle be creative at all and create a work of art?

Lectures and discussions by and with Thomas Grill (mdw), Alfred Taudes (WU Vienna), Stephan Sutor (computer scientist, composer), Harald Hanisch (President Austrian Composers), Richard Graf (JAM MUSIC LAB University, INÖK) provided interesting insights and perspectives. The MAX BRAND Ensemble in interaction with "Artificial Intelligence" designed the conclusion.

"We are excited to integrate artificial intelligence into our performance, taking music to a new level," says Richard Graf, director of the MAX BRAND Ensemble. "Our goal is to explore the collaboration between humans and machines while pushing the boundaries of music."

Radio Orange:

MAX BRAND Ensemble
Flute: Annegret Bauerle
Bassoon: Maria Gstättner
Violin: Simon Frick
Cello: Arne Kircher
Drums, Percussion: Konstantin Kräutler
AI-programming, guitar and artistic director: Richard Graf

The event was powered by mdw, Austrian Composers and INÖK.

Authored on September 20th, 2023