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Covid-19-Update - regulations during lockdown from 17 November to 6 December 2020

Here you will find all important information about teaching, administration office, examinations and registration from 17 November to (probably) 6 December 2020.

JAM MUSIC LAB GmbH would like to provide the best possible support for the currently necessary measures of the Austrian Federal Government. This means that all employees and all students must act in such a way that all forms of personal are reduced to the minimum, including all outside activities.
The second lockdown, issued by the Federal Government for the period between 17 November and 6 December 2020 inclusive, means the following additional rules for all conservatory and university citizens in addition to the measures described in the previously published Covid-19 health concept:

Teaching and research

Until 6 December, teaching and research will be carried out exclusively in digital formats, with one exception: classroom instruction is possible for students who are approaching final artistic examinations (bachelor and master examinations) at the end of this semester by mutual agreement between students and teachers.

During the lockdown, all events of JMLU will be cancelled.


Artistic examinations judged by a panel may be carried out in compliance with strict safety precautions, unless movable.

Office Hours

No public access will be allowed during the lockdown. Zoom or telephone appointments can be arranged by e-mail to discuss urgent matters.

Reporting obligation

Any positive Covid-19 case and any suspected case of members of JMLU shall continue to be reported to without delay.

With our best wishes for the coming weeks - please stay healthy!

Authored on November 17th, 2020