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Jam alumna Eva Maria Stöckler publishes first textbook

"Musik gemeinsam erfinden: Musikalische Erwachsenenbildung in Jazz und Popularmusik" is the title of the first textbook by Jam alumna Eva Maria Stöckler.

Based on a critical examination of the current state of research and the dimensions of musical adult education derived from it, Eva Maria Stöckler develops a methodological-didactic concept. Based on her master's thesis, which was supervised by Richard Graf, these publication is a continuation of her research topic. The pedagogue focuses on improvisation and composition as well as action- and process-oriented approaches, as offered by the methodology of action research. From her work with various ensembles, exemplary exercises and games for making music with adult (musical) non-professionals have emerged, which she explains in the book in a practical way. Above all, the question of how musical adult education in the field of jazz and popular music can succeed is in focus.  

Link: Transcript Verlag

Authored on January 11th, 2023