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JAM alumni Dominik Kaspar becomes music school director

Dominik Kaspar: New site manager of the Schmelzer-Scheibbs music school in Göstling

From September 2024, Dominik Kaspar will take over the position of site manager of the music school in Göstling an der Ybbs. This school is part of the Schmelzer-Scheibbs Music School. Kaspar works mainly in Göstling, but also teaches in Randegg, St. Anton and in blocks in Scheibbs. His teaching subjects include guitar, electric guitar, music theory, ear training, guitar ensemble and the pop-rock music school band, which most of the students work towards.

Dominik Kaspar completed his Bachelor of Arts in Music Education and Bachelor of Arts in Music at JAM. His expertise on the electric guitar lies primarily in surf music or surf rock, rock & roll and blues.

As a singer, Kaspar has also included a lot of singing in his lessons. In recent years, he has played several times with musicians from Elvis Presley's original band, such as James Burton. This band, known as the “TCB Band”, has had a strong musical influence on him. James Burton even led a workshop at JAM in 2018.

Kaspar has also spent several long periods in New Zealand and Australia. During his time there, he lived as a street musician and was able to earn a living by performing in restaurants and through private students. In Australia, he even had the opportunity to appear live on the radio and talk about his experiences with the Elvis Presley Band.Kaspar in Australien These experiences have shaped Kaspar musically, especially the opportunity to make a living playing guitar alone and spending his free time surfing. Kaspar also has videos of him playing with the Elvis band, which offer an insight into his musical experiences.


Authored on May 3rd, 2024