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The JAM MUSIC LAB LOUNGE at the Science Ball Vienna 2019

Decent fun – Dance with an attitude

It was a wonderful evening, a pleasure and honor to celebrate with Michael Ludwig, major of the city of Vienna, Veronica Kaup-Hasler, councilor for cultur, Oliver Lehmann, chairman of the Ball, Franz Viehböck, board member of Berndorf AG and many others.

JAM Music Lab was represented by rector Marcus Ratka, US-partner Jeffrey Levenson, the JAM MUSIC LAB All Star Band with Thomas Gansch, Bertl Mayer and the fabulous students of the University.

“The JAM MUSIC LAB Private University for Jazz and Popular Music is pleased to be the youngest member of the Austrian music universities to participate in the Vienna Ball of Science. Jazz began its journey as dance music of the 1920s and 30s. Since then it has always been reinterpreted. So did our wonderful students, who will contribute their interpretation of this ‘dance music’. Even a musical particle can be in several places at the same time – we want to set both, dance legs and scientific inspiration of the ball guests, in motion. ” (Marcus Ratka) 

Building on the success of the premiere the City of Vienna, again, stages the Vienna Science Ball 2019. On Saturday, 26 January 2019, Vienna’s City Hall will be turned into a festive venue for the city’s science and research community. In a city renown for its 450 spectacular events in carnival the Vienna Science Ball adds a distinct sensation of entertainment with an attitude to the annual ball season. The Vienna Science Ball represents Vienna’s science and research community in its excellence and diversity. Typical elements of a Viennese Ball are combined with contributions from Vienna’s universities. International visibility and recognition is secured through the presence of global stars of popular science communication. (


Authored on February 24th, 2019