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JAM MUSIC LAB Private University sponsors a full scholarship as part of the Planet Festival Tour 2024

JAM MUSIC LAB Private University promotes young music talents and announces the creation of a scholarship to be awarded as part of the renowned Planet Festival Tour. This scholarship aims to support outstanding musicians by offering them an extraordinary opportunity to pursue a bachelor's degree (to be completed in Music or Media Music) in the thriving landscape of popular music in Austria.

At a time when the Austrian pop music scene is increasingly gaining importance and recognition, the JAM MUSIC LAB Private University recognizes the need to actively promote talented young artists. By establishing this scholarship, the university emphasizes its commitment to the development of musical art and its role in Austria's cultural landscape.

The initiative is part of the Planet Festival Tour, a platform aimed at promoting young musicians and providing them with a stage. The scholarship will be awarded to musicians who not only stand out for their exceptional talent but also for their musical expression and stage presence. Thus, the JAM MUSIC LAB University provides not only financial support but also a comprehensive academic education aimed at fostering the individual abilities and artistic development of the scholarship recipients.Poster

Two JAM students and toby_nine have already performed at the PLANET FESTIVAL TOUR. They say it's such a cool experience to reach people this way and play live on a big stage like the gasometer. It's always a fun and great experience for young artists.

The scholarship is intended to help young talents expand their musical skills, explore new artistic horizons, and establish important contacts in the music industry.


(c) Clarissa Sopper

Authored on April 22nd, 2024