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New CD project illuminates viennese film music pioneers Steiner and Korngold

JAM MUSIC LAB Private University presents an innovative CD project that sheds new light on the Austrian film music tradition through Artistic Research. Under the direction of jazz legends Peter Erskine and Danny Grissett, the works of Vienna's film music pioneers Korngold and Steiner are interpreted by outstanding JAM students and the Radio Symphony Orchestra.

At the core of the Artistic Research project is the reexamination of the works of Vienna's film music pioneers, Erich Wolfgang Korngold and Max Steiner, whose influence significantly shaped the development of music production in Hollywood. Thorough exploration of their arrangements, compositions, and impact on the film industry is the project's focus. Artistic direction is in the hands of Peter Erskine and Danny Grissett, personalities with impressive experiences in jazz and film music. Peter Erskine, drummer, and JAM instructor is a living legend, unmistakably contributing to over 700 film music recordings in Hollywood and collaborating with greats like Joe Zawinul, Weather Report, and Steely Dan.

The CD project is shaped by the participation of outstanding JAM students and award winners such as Ö1 scholarship recipient Andreas Varady on guitar, Tatjana Gomez and Fabricio Fuentes Pereira on bass, as well as JAM instructors including Thomas Gansch on trumpet, Herwig Gradischnig on saxophone, Bertl Mayer on harmonica, Flip Philip on vibraphone, and Danny Grissett on piano. String players from the Radio Symphony Orchestra contribute as guests, adding an orchestral dimension to the project.

JAM and the Radio Symphony Orchestra have long been in close cooperation for artistic projects. This collaboration not only allows for the fusion of jazz and classical music but also creates a unique artistic dialogue. JAM once again sets standards in artistic research, bringing the Austrian film music tradition to life in an innovative way.

This project follows the recently released CD "Bernstein in Vienna" – a tribute to Leonard Bernstein, published on Origin Records. The seamless integration of jazz and film music, combined with the expertise of the artists and the creative input of the students, promises an unforgettable listening experience.

(c) Peter Erskine

Authored on January 24th, 2024