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Student & Franciscan monk Sandesh Manuel publishes book

"The rapping Franciscan"
Franciscan robe, cap, rap - Father Sandesh Manuel breaks with many clichés and inspires people in this unconventional way for the faith in Jesus Christ.

His medium for this is YouTube, and every Friday a new song goes online. As a trained musician, he is not content to preach the Word of God online, but packs his message into raps.

Passing on joy and love, discovering the special in the simple, meeting people in an approachable way - the young priest gives these principles, to which Francis of Assisi also felt committed, catchy quality. He does not lecture with his songs, but entertains. He consciously takes the risk of causing a stir in conservative church circles. For Father Sandesh, the church only has a future if it finds new ways to reach out to young people in particular. He does this with great openness and self-irony.

Wiener Zeitung



Authored on June 21st, 2022