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Vice Rector Ernst Theis publishes: Paul Lincke: "Das ist die Berliner Luft" - Overtüren Vol. 1

In collaboration with the Brandenburg State Orchestra, conductor and vice rector of the Jam Music Lab Private University Ernst Theis has released the collection Paul Lincke: "That's the Berlin Air" - Overtures Vol. 1.

Be it the eponymous title "Berliner Luft: Overture", "Venus auf Erden", "Verschmähte Liebe" or "Ballet Overture", a wide variety of works can be heard on the new album conducted by Ernst Theis. The initial response is reflected in very positive reviews. Matthias Käther of rbbKultur, for example, writes: "After listening to the elegant, lively, so not at all Prussian-plump pieces, one knows - the door to a serious examination of Lincke has only now been pushed open. And one enthusiastically calls out to Theis and the Brandenburg State Orchestra the title of a Lincke revue: "Donnerwetter, tadellos!""

Authored on January 11th, 2023