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Vienna City Sound Challenge 2024 winner is Carla Kaltenböck!

She and her band Orange Orchid win a recording of a song, including a music video, at Vienna City Cound.

We are happy to announce the new winner of the Vienna City Sound Challenge 2024: It is Carla Kaltenböck and her band ORANGE ORCHID. Carla is a student at JAM MUSIC LAB for more than two years in the jazz singing department. She and her bandmates founded ORANGE ORCHID in last year's spring. Even more impressive, that they already have got such a great signature sound.

"Very animated sound! Modernly arranged, not overloaded, a confident voice that leads through the song - Soul from Vienna! - I'm looking forward to the production." - Peter Zimmerl, Vienna City Sound

"Carla Kaltenböck impresses the jury with her compelling, deep, warm, and soulful voice that gets under the skin and inevitably recalls Erykah Badu. Accompanied by pulsating basslines, floating synth sounds, and driving drum grooves, she convinces with her captivating presence. Viennese Neo-Soul at its finest!" - Martin Zaunschirm, JMLU

Congratulations Carla and best of luck with the recording!


Authored on February 29th, 2024